Sunday, 24 July 2016

Join The Doctor Who Bar.

Would you like to host & take part in the DWBar?

Hi everybody are you passionate about Doctor Who & like nothing better than sitting down to watch the show?

Here at the Doctor Who Bar we like nothing better than watching a good Doctor Who adventure & tweeting about the story on Twitter.

So if you love Doctor Who and would like to be involved with the Doctor Who Bar please drop us a line.

Currently our sessions are on Saturday & on Wednesday, 8.45pm open & pressing play at 9pm.

The Bar is currently recruiting for new members to host these sessions.  Currently there are only two active members, myself @Via_The_Void & @Jessique77, both of us also have other matters of life to get on with which takes up our time & means that we can't always be available to host the sessions, which is quite understandable.

So if you would be interested in joining the Doctor Who Bar to host the sessions, either DM myself @Via_The_Void or @Jessique77 on twitter.  You can also DM the main account @TheDoctorWhoBar, or alternatively send a tweet using the hashtag #DWBarHost.  You can also submit articles on the Doctor Who Bar blogger site as well.

Please bear in mind that we are looking for people who can work as part of a team, as some previous members seem incapable of doing this!  We are looking for people who genuinely love Doctor Who & love to watch it.  So if this sounds like you, please get in touch with us. :-)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

BBC One to reveal new companion this Saturday

The BBC have announced that the latest companion to travel aboard the Doctor's TARDIS will be revealed this Saturday on BBC One.

During the half time interval of the FA Cup Semi-Final match between Manchester United & Everton, the identity of the latest actor or actress will be specially announced live at around 6pm!

Tune in to Match of the Day to watch the match on BBC One at 4:50pm, with the play off getting underway at 5:15pm.  The interval will be around 6pm when we could be going live via satellite to the Doctor's TARDIS for the reveal of who will be taking over from Jenna Coleman as the latest companion.

Doctor Who returns to television at Christmas, with the series coming back in 2017.