Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Save Doctor Who Confidential on Twitter

There is a new Twitter account called @SaveDWC which has been set up to help reverse the BBC's decision.

Please follow them if you want to show your support for them.

You can contact the BBC here, but please remember that it is the Governments fault, see the article below.  

You can also sign the petition, Which has over 14,00 signatures, here: 

Special Twitter Session Saturday Night: Doctor Who Confidential

With the sad news that the Controller of BBC3 has axed Doctor Who Confidential, we would like to bring all of it's fans together for it's final programme this Saturday.

So join us on Twitter immediately after Doctor Who's season finale The Wedding of River Song, to tweet about a truly remarkable programme.

Here's hoping it will return in the future.  Farewell Confidential, but not Goodbye.

News: Doctor Who Confidential axed by the BBC

The BBC is to axe Doctor Who Confidential, the behind the scenes documentary series, as part of the Corporation's ongoing curtailing of programmes.

Doctor Who Confidential, which features behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the hit sci-fi series Doctor Who, as well as interviews with the cast and crew, has aired in an early evening slot on BBC3 since 2005, usually just after when BBC1 has finished transmission of the current Doctor Who episode.

However, with the BBC facing budget cuts of up to 20% across its output as part of its Delivering Quality First initiative, the BBC3 Controller Zai Bennett has chosen to axe the show at the end of its current series.  It is not known if the decision is in any way related to the shows change in format for it's current series, but it is highly likely he feels the show is expendable.

Bennett is understood to be pursuing a strategy of focusing investment on original commissions in post-watershed time slots. Since taking over, he has decommissioned shows including Ideal, Hotter Than My Daughter, Coming of Age and the long-running sitcom Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Speaking last month at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, Bennett said: "It's about focusing my budget on 9pm and 10.30pm; those are the time slots that count. Budgets are tight, so we have to be sensible with the money we have."

Mark Thompson, the BBC Director General, will unveil the Corporation's cost-cutting strategy – the outcome of the DQF process – on 6 October. It is thought to include proposals to exploit greater synergies between BBC1 and BBC3, with the digital channel acting as a nursery slope for its terrestrial cousin. BBC3 will also fill a greater proportion of its 7pm to 9pm slots with repeats of BBC1 shows.  These decisions come in the wake of the full digital switchover and cessation of the analogue transmissions next year.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: "Doctor Who Confidential has been a great show for BBC3 over the years but our priority now is to build on original British commissions, unique to the channel."

It is not yet known what Steven Moffat the Executive Producer of Doctor Who, feels about the shows cancellation.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Key To Time: The Power of Kroll Wednesday From 7pm

Our Key To Time season continues on Wednesday Night with the memorable Power of Kroll!

The TARDIS arrives on the third moon of Delta Magna as the Doctor and his new companion Romana search for the fifth segment of the legendary Key To Time.

However they get more than they've bargained for when they discover a plot to wipe out the indigenous life forms of this moon, the Swampies.  The Doctor and Romana must try to stop the duplicitous crew of a Gas Refinery.
Deep down in the swamps lurks a massive creature, however the Swampies believe the only way to keep the peace with this creature is human sacrifice...

This story features such Doctor Who luminaries as John Leeson, Philip Madoc and John Abineri.  It was also partly produced (uncredited) by John Nathan-Turner.

Join us from 7pm in the Bar, we shall be pressing Play at 7.30pm. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Key To Time: The Androids of Tara Wednesday from 7pm

This adventure is quite a swashbuckling yarn.  The Doctor and Romana are after the fourth segment of the Key, which Romana finds fairly quickly.

Unfortunately she gets waylaid and taken back to Castle Gracht!  

The Doctor wants to go fishing but he doesn't get much of it done!

What will happen to them both?  Will K9 save the day?

Tune in from 7pm, pressing Play at 7.30pm for a rip roaring, seat of the pants adventure!

Monday, 19 September 2011

ATSM - Minisode 1 - Series 12, Part I - Dudley Simpson and the Giant Robot

In this minisode we will look at his work on Serial 4A - Story 75 – Robot which originally aired between the 7th and the 28th of December, 1974 and 18th of January, 1975 on BBC One.

NOTE: This minisode aired as a segment on the THE FLASHING BLADE Podcast Episode 1-98 on Saturday, 18 June, 2011 –



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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tonight in the #DWBarUSA

Thanks to everyone who joined in for last Sunday's viewing of "Tomb of the Cybermen." The Cyber-fun continues tonight with Tom MacRae's Cybermen episodes - "Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel." The Bar will open at the usual time, 6:30 pm EDT and we'll press play at 7pm. Please remember to use #DWBarUSA in your Tweets!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Product Review: Doctor Who - Dalek Desktop Patrol

As Reviewed by Ditsy_Companion

For this week its time to review a product that all computer users need, a Dalek Desktop buddy. The Packaging is sturdy and the product is clearly visible with the the labeling being a little bit small but its okay. The actual product is small but the black and red colors are vibrant and show the Dalek in a professional manner.
The Dalek is from the current series, one of the new Paradigm versions and was featured in the episode
Victory to the Daleks which was shown on TV last year. The product comes with a manual which explains how to fit the batteries, there is also a FAQ with Q & A's for people who have issues. To operate the product look under the base of the Dalek and press a button. It has a three way setting; on with sound; on without sound; and off of course. The sounds are a little shakey but nevertheless it does the job, it won't fall off your desk or PC trolley. Budget wise it is for the die hard Dalek fans, teenagers who have computers and also for people who just want to add that little bit of Doctor Who magic to their desktop.
Overall, a reasonably good product, I recommend buying it.

A Picture of the product in its box

A Video of the Product in use