Thursday 8 September 2011

Unscheduled Lock-In Session: City Of Death Tonight from 7pm

We will be having an unscheduled Lock-In Session Tonight from 7pm, everyone.

As a special request from one of our staff members, @TheDWFanSite, we will be watching this classic Tom Baker adventure.

Whilst visiting Paris, the Doctor and Romana experience a time distortion in a local cafe.  Could someone be conducting Time experiments?  Or is their something more sinister going on?  Are the Doctor and Romana being followed when they visit the Louvre, home to one of the most famous pictures ever - the Mona Lisa?

Join the Doctor Who Bar from 7pm to find out, we'll be pressing Play at 7.30pm to watch City of Death, one of the shows best adventures, highly regarded amongst the Doctor Who fans.  Don't forget to tweet using the #DWBar hashtag.

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