Fan Fiction

Doctor Trouble at the Bar

After a long day in the TARDIS the Doctor decided to go out and just have a couple of drinks to relax. He was trying to forget Amy and Rory. They were safer without him anyway. Maybe he could have fun acting drunk and talking all weird. 

One time, he remembered, he went to this Bar on Earth and while talking to that sweet girl. He chuckled. He remembered doing a funny impression of the Judoon. It was for him only about two weeks ago that it happened. The girl swore he had too much to drink and insisted that he wouldn't drive home. The Doctor had laughed loudly and had said: "I'll promise you sweetheart, I won't drive!" 

The girl was drunk herself and had said: "I have to see to that, mister!" Walking all weird they strolled to the waiting TARDIS. 

The Doctor smiled and quit the acting. With his normal voice he said: "Wait and see, Kate!" 

He opened the door and stepped into the TARDIS and closed it behind him. On the scanner screen he saw the girl standing next to his ship. He would never take her with him. She was, well, just not the right kind of person. Amy had laughed so loud when the Doctor had told both her and Rory. 

He sighed “Amy...”

He realized he was dreaming away. He pulled one last control lever and went outside. It was a dark but clear night on planet Earth. He wasn't too sure where he was but it didn't matter. After a few minutes he saw a nice looking Bar and went in. He went and sat directly at the Bar on a tall stool. He realized he was in America, but he didn't care. He ordered non-alcoholic beer. The bartender was surprised, but when the Doctor mumbled "Meds" he nodded and went on about his job. 

It wasn't really fair to say, but he was not feeling like explaining how it really worked. It is hard to explain how Time Lord enzymes work. Especially to a mere human. He got his beer and drank some. He tried having a conversation with the bartender, but he was too busy with observing a girl.

He put his glass down and wanted to grab a few peanuts. The sleeve of his tweed jacket got stuck and snagging the glass it almost fell over. He pushed the guy next to him aside. Somehow he saved not only the jacket from the guy next to him but also his own jacket from getting doused with some of the beer. 

"What did you do..?" said the stranger. "Oh, thanks" he followed, cutting off his own sentence. The Doctor looked up and almost let his beer slip away.

"I am the Doctor by the way." said the other guy. 

"John Smith." said the Doctor not knowing what else to do. 

"This is wrong, so wrong." he mumbled softly while looking at his last regeneration.
The other Doctor smiled and said: "I used to go by that name."
The Doctor tried to smile. "I really shouldn't be here." And his past regeneration asked: " How so?"
The Doctor struggled to reply, "It's kind of complicated." he said knowing it wouldn't work.

"I'm smart!" answered his last regeneration. "It's kinda wibbley wobbley" Too late realizing that he knew.

"Timey wimey. So you are me then?" asked the Tenth Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor almost blushed. He didn't really know why.
After a moment the Doctor answered his question: "Yes, I am."  

Breaking the awkward silence. "And where are you now? Did you meet Shakespeare yet?"
The Doctor smiled when he thought back. "Yes, only yesterday." He also dreamed away. "Good old JK in the end. What happens next?" 

The Doctor smiled and said: "Spoilers" and then whispered to himself "I'm starting to sound like River."
The Tenth Doctor raised his eyebrows and asked: "Who's River?"

"I really can't tell you,” answered the Eleventh Doctor, secretively. ”But one word of advice, don't be hard on yourself when she leaves. Where is she anyway?"
The Tenth Doctor looked up. "Oh, Martha? She went home for the day."
"I really should be going,” said the latter regeneration. “And so should you."
The other Doctor smiled back "Goodbye Doctor, by the way, I love your jacketI"

They shook hands and the Eleventh Doctor left. Shortly after that the other Doctor followed. Both went back to their TARDIS's. The Tenth Doctor back to Martha and the Eleventh back to his lone TARDIS. He missed Amy and Rory.

As the night fell the Doctor went to his study and looked at the countless pictures of him and his companions. He smiled while he dreamed about Sarah Jane, Rose, Martha, Donna and all the others.