Tuesday, 26 March 2013

'The Stones of Blood' Preview

‘The Stones of Blood’ was the third story from Doctor Who’s 16th season – commonly known as the ‘Key to Time’ season due to it’s plot arc which involved the Doctor (Tom Baker) and companion Romana (Mary Tamm) searching the universe for fragments of an all powerful key.

It also happened to be Doctor Who’s 100th story, and was intended to feature a scene in which K9 sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Doctor. However this scene was vetoed by producer Graham Williams who regarded the idea as to self indulgent. However, Baker did order a cake, which was eaten by the cast and crew.   

The story has been described as “Hammeresque” – indeed it features a variety of horror movie style scenes. One scene was cut from the VHS release of the story due to concerns about its presentation of adults consumed by terror. However this scene was reinstated for the DVD release of the story. Another memorable scene features two campers being killed by the Ogri – huge sentient slabs of stone.

We will be watching ‘The Stones of Blood’ on Wednesday. Hope to see you there. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Series Session's in the Doctor Who Bar!

Join the Doctor Who Bar for the New Series of Doctor Who!

We believe in letting the fans watch the original showing of the show on Saturday in peace.  However the Bar is introducing a new session, as from Friday the 5th of April when BBC3 shows the repeat showing of the first episode, The Bell's of Saint John you can now join in with our new session and tweet against the repeat transmission.  Air your views and tell us what you liked or didn't like about the story!

So join my good friend @Whoooligan who will be returning to host the first of our New Series session's as Doctor Who also returns to television in the lead up to the shows memorable Fiftieth Anniversary.  The session will open at 7pm and BBC3 will air the episode at 7.15pm BST.  So please join us in the Doctor Who Bar everyone.  

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Key To Time/The Ribos Operation Preview

When Graham Williams applied to be the producer of Doctor Who in 1976 as part of his application he proposed the Key To Time story arc, which would encompass an entire season of Doctor Who.

A story arc in itself would be nothing new for Doctor Who as Season 8 was a Master storyline arc ending in his capture at the end of The Dæmons.  Also some of Tom Baker's 1st season (Season 12) involved the ongoing plot of the space station Nerva.

The Key to Time was aired from September 1978 - February 1979.

The season is set up at the beginning of The Ribos Operation where The White Guardian summons The Doctor who has just finished building K9 MK II, we (the viewers) having seen The Doctor dragging a box saying K9 MK II on it into the console room at the conclusion of The Invasion of Time, having left the original K9 on Gallifrey with Leela when she chose to stay there, again at the conclusion of that story.

The White Guardian explains that a powerful artefact called The Key To Time has been split in to 6 pieces as it is far to powerful for any one being to possess and has been dispersed throughout time and space.  However a time is approaching rapidly where The White Guardian needs to restore the equilibrium of the universe and he needs The Doctor to recover it.

The task will be made all the more difficult as the pieces are disguised and could be anything.  The Doctor will have a tracer device to help locate the pieces.  He has also been given a new assistant to help him on his task a Time Lady called Romanadvoratrelundar.

The Bar will be watching the entire Key to Time season on Wednesdays starting this Wednesday (13th March).  The Bar will open at 7:30pm GMT and we will press play at 8pm GMT.

I do hope you can join me.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

'The Invasion of Time' Preview

‘The Invasion of Time’ was the final story of Doctor Who’s 15th season. It starred Tom Baker as the Doctor, and marked the final appearance of Louise Jameson as Leela.

The initial setup of the story is an intriguing one. The Doctor appears to be working against Leela and spends much of the early story concealing his motives from her. This Doctor is willing to sell out to an unseen voice in return for “complete control over the Timelords”. It’s a bold move that immediately draws the viewer into the plot.

The story features a return to Gallifrey, the planet of bickering old men. This time it’s under attack from the Vardans, but are they merely a figurehead for a much more dangerous enemy?

With the alien invasion suppressed after a lot of running around, the Doctor is ready to leave. However, to everyone’s surprise, Leela has suddenly fallen madly in love with Commander Andred. Precisely why is anyone’s guess. I reckon it’s the flashy cape. I can't imagine it lasts very long between them.

We will be watching ‘The Invasion of Time’ on Wednesday. The bar opens at 7.30pm and we press play at 8.00pm. Hope to see you there.