Monday, 31 October 2011

Scary moments from Doctor Who

What is your favourite scary moment? What scared you as a child and what do you enjoy now?
tardistavern Sean
The Krynoid in The Seeds of Doom and the inexorable dread in Midnight.
valiant1 les moyes
was watching seeds of doom 1 tonite and the first cliffhanger when the guy gets strangled
Valiant1 les moyes
night terrors had its fair share as was body possession in midnight as well

TodayImNoel Noel Rainford
Kane's melting face in 'Dragonfire' from Old Who,

Doctor_Who Rod Falanga
The Image of the Fendahl gave me nightmares, as an adult!
TheDWFanSite TheDoctorWhoFanSite!
The scene where Sally goes in the basement and leaves the guy with the Angel.
DJKellykins Kelly Christine
yes exactly! I can not look at another statue the same again. :(
Tardispilot Sean Grimes
I'd have to say my favorite was when the brain of Morbius fell out of the jar & on to the floor

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Green Death Tonight from 7pm

A mysterious death at a coal mine at Llanfairfach in South Wales sees UNIT's Jo Grant and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart arrive, with the Doctor in tow.  The poor miner is discovered to be glowing bright green. 

Is it possible that pollusion from the nearby Global Chemicals facility is to blame?  Could they be responsible for the appearance of giant deadly maggots?

This adventure is much more than any other of the stories during the Jon Pertwee era, there is quite a clear environmental message underlying this adventure.  The story is also the last to feature Katy Manning as Jo Grant.

This story is one of Jon Pertwee's finest, and is also notable for having him dressed up.  Once as a milkman, and when he pretends to be a woman, in a lovely visual gag with Captain Mike Yates.

Get set to play your DVD or VHS at 7.30pm tonight.  Join us from 7pm, when we'll be watching one of Pertwee's best.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

J.K Rowling Christmas Special?

I only heard about this recently but for some this may be quite old news. It was rumored and stated by Russel T Davies that J.K Rowling was approached to write a Christmas special for Doctor Who. That was a a very exciting thing for me to see and it was a shame she turned that down.

Then there was the second part of the rumor. This is the one that really got me thinking about how brilliant it could be. J.K starring in an episode and the characters from her books coming to life. Could you just imagine Voldemort battling The Doctor? Dumbledore and The Doctor having an intellectual conversation whilst the companions watch completely lost. Ron in the TARDIS saying "Blimey."

I hope this happens one day. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Product Review: Doctor Who - Poseable Action Figure - VOC ROBOT

As reviewed by Ditsy_Companion

A note from your product reviewer
My sincerest apology's for the lack of reviews, I have been on holidays.

For this week its time to review a monster from Doctor Who.   I thought lets take a  look at the VOC ROBOT. The VOC ROBOT was featured in the Tom Baker episode The Robots of Death and they were quite possibly my favorite monster of his era. The packaging is very sturdy and the figure inside is clearly visible and has a great backdrop with it. The photo of the robot on the bottom left hand side is clearly visible and even has the episode title which it was seen in. On the back there is more information and has the warning and other mandatory health and safety information clearly labeled. The price I paid was $24.99, the actual figure itself is almost identical with the only thing missing being the number v3 on its chest. The colours and textures are amazing, with it looking very much like proper metal. Overall a good product with good value and if you are a Tom Baker fan then this product is for you

Image of the monster