Tuesday, 25 October 2011

J.K Rowling Christmas Special?

I only heard about this recently but for some this may be quite old news. It was rumored and stated by Russel T Davies that J.K Rowling was approached to write a Christmas special for Doctor Who. That was a a very exciting thing for me to see and it was a shame she turned that down.

Then there was the second part of the rumor. This is the one that really got me thinking about how brilliant it could be. J.K starring in an episode and the characters from her books coming to life. Could you just imagine Voldemort battling The Doctor? Dumbledore and The Doctor having an intellectual conversation whilst the companions watch completely lost. Ron in the TARDIS saying "Blimey."

I hope this happens one day. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. It's actually 2 things there.
    When RTD was starting to work on Doctor Who he invited JK to write an episode. She declined as she was writing Harry 6.
    Later when thinking about the 2008 Christmas Special RTD had the idea of JKR starring as herself in an episode. Tennant didn't like the idea and RTD went with The Next Doctor instead.