Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Product Review: Target Novelisations

An example of one of the novels

As reviewed by Ditsy_Companion

For this week its time to review the Classic Target novelisations of the First to the Seventh Doctors. When you do find a novel from the Classic era it's usually found in a charity shop and it's usually quite cheap. 

The covers can be of good quality if cared for properly, but if not they can become a little worn.  The content is amazing and the writing is still readable after more than thirty years. The covers of both of mine are pretty good and have very vibrant colours. You should buy classic Doctor Who books because they are part of the history of Doctor Who. If you are a classic Who fan these books are for you.

Classic Novel From the Fifth Doctor era

Classic Novel From the Sixth Doctor Era

Novels From the Seventh Doctor era

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