Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tonight in the #DWBarUSA

Tonight the #DWBarUSA will watch "The Aztecs." The Bar will open at 7pm EDT and we'll press play at 7:30pm EDT (12:30 am BST).
Andy Gage introduces the episode for us:
First broadcast in 1964, “The Aztecs” was the sixth story for William Hartnell’s Doctor Who, and the third time the series made the foray into historical story lines. In this instance, the TARDIS crew lands inside the sealed tomb of a deceased Aztec ruler. They exit the tomb only to have the natives mistake Barbara for the reincarnation of their former leader and assign her god like powers. In the ensuing episodes Barbara has to deal with the politics of the Aztec people, while attempting to change history by ending the human sacrifices; Ian is inducted as a warrior; and the Doctor finds himself engaged. The serial examines the dangers of attempting to change history and stands as a fine example of the early historical format.

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