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A Facebook page run by the bars joint admin SimonGa which originally was aimed at trying to encourage BBC Four to show more Classic Doctor Who following Elisabeth Sladens passing but still hopes for more following the screen of An Unearthly Child as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

The Cult Den
The Best In Sci-Fi News And Reviews - Movies, Comics, T.V, Books And More.
A fresh website giving you the best news and reviews for Movies, Shows, Comics, Books and more, a site that gets thousands of hits a day and is taking the internet world by storm!

Doctor Who, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comic Books, Reviews and Opinion - Anything In Fandom


A blog designed for people that are addicted to Doctor Who and Sherlock.  Includes news on the crime/detective and science fiction shows.

The Daily Dalek Webcomic

A comic aimed for that nerdy itch, is finally here to scratch you with its weird plunger-like hand.  A daily single panel comic based around the beloved pepperpots.

A Wonderful and friendly Doctor Who News and Views Blogger website who recently changed to a separate Domain. Combom is such a simple Doctor Who Fan site with great features and excellent regular posts.

Life, Doctor Who & Combom

The Doctor Who News Page
With the hugely popular Internet Forum, Gallifrey Base, The Doctor Who News Page offers some of the best up-to-date and official News to do with the BBC series and it's spin-offs. The News page also offers tons of Doctor Who Fan projects, including our own, as well as competition round ups displayed on a great layout.

Doctor Who News

Doctor Who Online
A brilliant, colourful and modern fan website dedicated to the world of Doctor Who. Doctor Who Online has so many great features, we cannot mention them all. It is the longest running fan site which includes a spectacular Homepage and News page, a ever growing Forum, There very own Podcast - The DWO Whocast who have been ever so kind to us, Cast and crew interviews on the site and members on their forum, as well as lot's more. One of our favourites at the Doctor Who Bar!


Kasterborous Doctor Who Webzine
A nice detailed Doctor Who News and Review site which gives some excellent articles on some of the things surrounding the world of Doctor Who. Kasterborous also offers reader the chance to buy a publication of theirs, Ultimate Regeneration, which gives the readers the chance to feature their Reviews of the series. They also have their own Podcast or PodKast we should say, which gives listeners up-to-date News, Views and Reviews from the fans.

Fan Fiction by DrWho7Freak

The Who News App website shows you some of the features that are included in the IOS application itself. The app brings together Doctor Who News feeds, including our own, to bring users all the latest Doctor Who News. This application and website has some very good graphics and is a must for any Whovian.
Site logo

A Police Box
Ellis, Doctor Who Bar members blogger website which I am afraid is no longer active but you can still see some of the archives of News on there.

Blogtor Who
Blogtor Who gives readers the best high quality Official News, Pictures and Announcements in a great blogger layout. Blogtor Who (otherwise known as Cameron) also works on the DWO WhoCast (mentioned under Doctor Who Online) and shows his quirky personality on this blog which he also shows on there. It also brings some great graphics when the series is on and have special mini sites which is a great addition to the main site.

The Graske Corner
The Graske Corner is a fun little Blog that brings together theories, news and views from the whoniverse. From Latest video Interviews to Series theories, the Grakse Corner feels like a blog that can go a long way. The design of the site is very simple but works perfectly and can display large images, videos or HTML sources. The sidebar features a ChatBox where fans from over the world can discuss latest news or something about the site. It also features a Nice guide to the new series with episode titles and pictures as you go down the page. All in all, the Graske Corner is a very nice, well laid out blog that you could delve in to and find some great articles and features.

The Gallifrey Times
The Gallifrey Times is a well known Doctor Who News Blog, and receives hundreds of unique visitors a day, and is gradually expanding.  They are teamed up with Talking Who and Geek Crash Course.

Doctor Who: The Crusade - #animatecrusade for DVD
This Facebook page has been setup to suggest there should be a DVD release of The Crusade and that the missing 2 episodes should be animated as others have been for other DVD releases.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea
The Tiger Who Came To Tea runs 2 great review sites. This one is for reviews of the TV Series.

Grrrrrrr-Eight! This is the 2nd of The Tiger Who Came to Tea's great review sites. This one is for the Paul McGann 8th Doctor BF Audio Adventures.


The Doctor In the Tardis Forum
A New, colourful Doctor Who Forum for the fans run by the Fans. The Doctor in the Tardis Forum also goes with The Doctor in the Tardis main blogger site, which offers a podcast and new Doctor Who News and Spoilers, as this Forum has a great feature to have with the News on the site. Although the Forum has not been running for too long, it has become so popular and looks great.

Gallifrey Base
Gallifrey Base has been running as the most popular Doctor Who Forum for such a long time. It offers so many different categories, sections and threads which are highly discussed between thousands of Doctor Who fans around the world. Although there may be a few silly speculations now and again, it still brings the News, Announcements, Pictures, Spin-offs and loads more together into a discussion board and then get's such a high reaction. In our opinion if you want to stay away from Spoilers, stay away from the Infinite Quest section, especially the Spoiler and Speculation thread. But if you want to discuss absolutely anything about Doctor Who, this is the best place to go.

Genesis Ark Forum 
Although this is also a new Discussion board, The Genesis Ark Forum offers some interesting opinions and views from a bunch of fans that have joined this Forum. This smaller yet popular forum, which is part run by our Doctor Who Bar member Heather, gives some great threads which are easier to discuss than a much bigger forum. If you want to stay Spoiler free and discuss Doctor Who, join this forum.

Doctor Who Podcasts:

US Whocast
One of America's great Podcasts which gives listeners excellent views and opinions from the fans over the Pond. The US Whocast brings together the latest news, reviews, feedback and more in a great Podcast which cn be downloaded and/or listened to on their website. The US Whocast is a great listen to anyone as it gives you an aspect of what it is like to be a american and a Doctor Who fan.

Radio Rassilon is a laughable, informative Doctor Who fan Podcast which gives you the best aspect of Doctor Who news and views around the Whoniverse. Radio Rassilon offers great quality content as well as brilliant presenters leading you through each week. Radio Rassilon is easy to listen to when your gearing up to a new series of Doctor Who!
The DWO Whocast, In my opinion, is the most brilliant Podcast in the Doctor Who Podcast alliance and around the Doctor Who whoniverse. Presenters Cameron and Tony (also mentioned under Doctor Who Online) start the show off every week brilliantly. They both have a laughable, informative and interesting personality that suite each other exceptionally. Every week it manages to excite me about what they have next and what their opinions are on a particular story, DVD, Book or audio. They have also been very supportive with the Doctor Who Bar after a great big mention on one of their shows. If your a Doctor Who Fan, you should really, really give this a listen.

The Omega Podcast is also another great Podcast to listen to if your a huge Doctor Who Fan or not. Offering video reviews as well as the usual audio reviews, The Omega Podcast give the peoples opinions on different parts of the whoniverse. The Presenters give us the feeling they are talking to you as a listener which totally brings the quality higher. The Omega Podcast has also a wonderful website which gives readers thing they won't get on their Podcast.

The Preachrs Podcast

This is run by Benjamin Maio Mackay who runs DWBarOZ. The podcast focuses on all things Doctor Who. They have exclusive interviews as well as reviews and discussions. So check them out by clicking the name or searching on iTunes doctor who: preachrs podcast. 

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