About Us

The Doctor Who Bar is dedicated to bringing Doctor Who fans together on Twitter to sit down and watch the programme in synchronisation with each other.

We have regular Doctor Who Twitter sessions, currently these sessions run every Wednesday from 8.45pm pressing play at 9.00pm and every Saturday in the same time slot.  When the current series is airing we do not tweet on the premiere showings, we usually (not always) tweet the repeat showing on BBC Three instead, otherwise we watch our own recordings of it on the Sunday after it. The Saturday session moves to Sunday instead, usually in the afternoon or the evening.  A lock-in session will sometimes take place on a Saturday after our main session, the time of this is approximate depending on the length of the story shown on Saturday.  However the lock-in session is not a regular session, watch the @TheDoctorWhoBar main account for details.

When we tweet during the stories duration we use the #DWBar hashtag on our tweets.

We see Doctor Who as a family orientated programme, therefore we wish to run the Twitter based sessions on the Doctor Who Bar site as such, therefore we only permit only mild sexual innuendo and no blatant swearing.  Please do not swear whilst using the #DWBar hashtag.

For any new visitors to our site can I just welcome you to the Doctor Who Bar, and if you wish to join us in our sessions all you have to do to join the Doctor Who Bar is follow our official Twitter account: @TheDoctorWhoBar, for news of our Twitter sessions.

You can also follow us by using the Followers widget on the left side of the site, just scroll down to view it.

In addition some of you may be following our old @DoctorWhoBar Twitter account which was set up by a previous contributor to our older site.  This Twitter account is no longer linked or associated with the new Doctor Who Bar.  So if you are following the old one, please be aware that it is now a defunct, discontinued account, and that you should unfollow it and follow the newer official account.  The official Twitter account to follow for this blogger site is @TheDoctorWhoBar.

Many thanks for reading about us & Welcome to the Bar. 

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  1. I was so excited, I thought you were a real bar U_U Craving Beer and Doctor Who