Monday, 3 October 2011

Silly Season in The Doctor Who Bar!

Doctor Who has quite a history of changing formats. Many early stories where historically based, Troughton's era featured many formidable monster foes. Pertwee's era was mostly action based. But throughout Doctor Who's long history there have been some stories that have been quite humourous, wherever intentional or not. The Romans is an early example of a lighthearted comical episode.

Some productions have been quite silly, from the production of The Web Planet overacting and outlandish costumes of The Horns of Nimon to the farce of Delta and the Bannermen “Hi de Who” indeed! Farting aliens anyone?

But whilst there have been some cringe worthy moments they are always enjoyable enough! So this week let's revel in the farcical stories!

Don't forget that now the sixth season has finished now on television, the Weekend session is once again on Saturday Night, so join us from 7pm, pressing Play at 7.30pm.

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