Friday, 21 October 2011

Product Review: Doctor Who - Poseable Action Figure - VOC ROBOT

As reviewed by Ditsy_Companion

A note from your product reviewer
My sincerest apology's for the lack of reviews, I have been on holidays.

For this week its time to review a monster from Doctor Who.   I thought lets take a  look at the VOC ROBOT. The VOC ROBOT was featured in the Tom Baker episode The Robots of Death and they were quite possibly my favorite monster of his era. The packaging is very sturdy and the figure inside is clearly visible and has a great backdrop with it. The photo of the robot on the bottom left hand side is clearly visible and even has the episode title which it was seen in. On the back there is more information and has the warning and other mandatory health and safety information clearly labeled. The price I paid was $24.99, the actual figure itself is almost identical with the only thing missing being the number v3 on its chest. The colours and textures are amazing, with it looking very much like proper metal. Overall a good product with good value and if you are a Tom Baker fan then this product is for you

Image of the monster

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