Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Time Meddlers need your Sarah Jane Smith memories!

Hello, Doctor Who Bar fans! I'm Ian Redman, creator and co-host of The Time Meddlers (TTM), a Doctor Who podcast. Although I haven't had the time to contribute to any of the Bar's sessions in quite a few months - running TTM is like a full-time job! - I'm still helping David and co. with the behind-the-scenes maintenance of the Bar. But now, myself and the rest of the team at TTM Towers need your help.

Over the past two weeks, as the fifth and final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures (recorded before the tragic death of Elisabeth Sladen, who had been fighting against cancer) has been airing on Mondays and Tuesdays on the CBBC Channel, we've been recording reviews of the stories just after Part Two has finished airing on the Tuesday - these reviews have then been released two days later, on the Thursday, at around 5pm BST.

It's always been my plan to move the podcast to Saturdays once SJA has finished, but I've now decided to make this change to the schedule a week early; episode 7 will now be released on Saturday 22 October (again, at around 5pm BST). The reason for this change is so that we have that little bit longer to prepare and produce the show. "Why do they need longer?", I can hear you asking. Well, episode 7 will be a very special show.

For a start, it will be one hour long - at least. The first half will be a review of the third and final story of this series: Gareth Roberts' The Man Who Never Was, which airs this week. The second half, however, is the special part - and the part that we need your help with. Myself, David McClements and David Morgan (this is the first ever episode of TTM to be hosted by three people) will be looking back at Elisabeth's work on Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures (and, indeed, K9 and Company!), and we want your memories.

If you have a favourite Sarah Jane Smith moment in any of those three shows, or you'd like to share how you felt when you first heard the tragic news of Elisabeth's death, or you want to review any show in the Doctor Who universe that starred Elisabeth (you could even review Dimensions in Time, if you like!), then please get in touch (by 4pm BST on Wednesday 19 October).

You can email with either text or an MP3/WAV audio file, tweet us @TheTimeMeddlers (preferably with the hashtag #TTMViews, if it can fit into your tweet; this isn't absolutely compulsory, but it would help us to round up all your messages) or post on our Facebook page.

We want this to be your celebration of Elisabeth Sladen and Sarah Jane Smith, so please do get in touch.

We hope you enjoy episode 7 of The Time Meddlers when it's released.

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