Monday, 31 October 2011

Scary moments from Doctor Who

What is your favourite scary moment? What scared you as a child and what do you enjoy now?
tardistavern Sean
The Krynoid in The Seeds of Doom and the inexorable dread in Midnight.
valiant1 les moyes
was watching seeds of doom 1 tonite and the first cliffhanger when the guy gets strangled
Valiant1 les moyes
night terrors had its fair share as was body possession in midnight as well

TodayImNoel Noel Rainford
Kane's melting face in 'Dragonfire' from Old Who,

Doctor_Who Rod Falanga
The Image of the Fendahl gave me nightmares, as an adult!
TheDWFanSite TheDoctorWhoFanSite!
The scene where Sally goes in the basement and leaves the guy with the Angel.
DJKellykins Kelly Christine
yes exactly! I can not look at another statue the same again. :(
Tardispilot Sean Grimes
I'd have to say my favorite was when the brain of Morbius fell out of the jar & on to the floor

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  1. I was never really scared but the The Empty/Gas Mask Child was creepy.