Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Armageddon Factor, Wednesday 5th October in the Doctor Who Bar

So we have reached the end of The Key to Time journey.

The Doctor and Romana arrive in the middle of a gridlocked war between Atrios and its planetary neighbour Zeos in the search for the final segment, but the Black Guardian is not too far behind. Through his agents he wants The Key to Time for himself.

It will not be an easy task completing this quest. Shadows lurk. The Doctor must overcome an ethical dilemma. What secret does the beautiful Princess Astra hold?

Let's find out together in the Doctor Who Bar on Wednesday from 7pm and pressing Play at 7.30pm.

But while this journey is ending we look to the future.. What would you like to see next Wednesday. Don't just come by yourself! Bring some new friends along!

We hope to see you on Twitter!

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