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Doctor Who Confidential - Inspiring Young Minds


 After yesterdays airing of possibly the last episode of Doctor Who Confidential, we caught up with the campaigner who wants to keep the series running strong and tells us why Doctor Who Confidential is such an inspirational show:

Firstly, how big has the SaveDWC Twitter account and the petition become since you started the campaign?
How big has SaveDWC got. Well, within the first 24 hours we had over 5,000 followers follow us which knocked me and many other people off their feet, it's grown to just over 7,000 Followers as of 13:17pm on October 1st which I think is really great. It's a MASSIVE day for DWC and the Campaign so we really hope as many more people can be made aware of the Campaign today and the more support the better.

How do you think this campaign will show that Doctor Who Confidential is a vital show for the BBC?
This Campaign will show that DWC is a vital show because as we say "Power to the people". What we are actually saying is "Power to the Viewer". Every person who signs the Petition and every person who follows on Twitter shows how many people disagree with the decision and in our view the biggest mistake you can make in TV is make an unpopular decision that goes against what your viewers want. At the end of the day, it's the viewer who make or break shows by tuning in.
How important do you think Doctor Who Confidential is to the 'Doctor Who world'?
Losing DWC in the "Doctor Who World" is actually more of a blow than you think. If you think about it, well, let's take for example, my family. They are not huge Doctor Who fans, but if they want to watch an episode and catch up on what the story is all about (i.e.) The River Song Story, then DWC really helps viewers like these out by keeping them up to scratch. Basically, it may end up that Doctor Who by itself may seem too confusing for casual viewers and they might eventually get fed up of it and switch off, which is very bad news. It may not happen next year, the notice in a drop, but certainly the year after that the loss of DWC will be felt in terms of viewing figures for Doctor Who alone. Oh, and one more think, Doctor Who celebrates it's Fiftieth Anniversary soon, a lot of viewers are really disappointed they won't get a Confidential for the Fiftieth. It's just sad news really.

How different is Doctor Who Confidential from any other programme?
Doctor Who Confidential is different from any other programme as it is a show about a TV show. But then it's so much more than that because it's educational and fun for the kids to watch. More importantly, it's inspiring to them. We've had a lot of people come to us and say it's inspired me to make a decision on what course I want to do at college because I didn't know what the world of television was like.

Discontinuing a show unique and as inspirational is a really sad thought. In last nights final episode it shows the DWC Script to Screen for the schools and I found it a little hard to watch because I just thought, these kids are having such a good time and they are learning about how an episode is made, why deny kids that? I would have loved to have been given that opportunity at that age.

What would our television screens be like without Doctor Who Confidential?
What would our TV Screens be like? Well, if you go on what BBC Three have lined up you can fill your boots with repeats of shows from BBC One. So, TV Screens will be very easy to turn off for me. If I want repeats, I go to BBC iPlayer.

What changes could be made to the show to ensure it's safety?
The changes that clearly need to be made is for DWC to stop wasting time filming the actors bouncing on trampolines and racing cars and swimming with sharks. There's no need for it to be 45 minutes long, cut it down to between 15-30 minutes and you'll not need to pad things out. I'd say concentrate on showing how the show is put together and the different challenges that face the team each episode.

Finally, how has Doctor Who Confidential inspired you?
Doctor Who Confidential inspired me to really fight for this show as it does so much for the kids really. That's the main reason we are campaigning here. I'm pretty sure there's not many kids that are very young who are on Twitter and perhaps if we had them know and join the campaign I think they would strongly agree the show needs to be saved. For their benefit more than just the "Whovian's" benefit.

We would like to thank the @SaveDWC Campaigner (Who would like to remain anonymous) for taking their time to answer these questions,

Remember to follow the campaign on Twitter: @SaveDWC
You Can also Sign the Petition To keep Doctor Who Confidential on the air Here

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