Tuesday, 26 March 2013

'The Stones of Blood' Preview

‘The Stones of Blood’ was the third story from Doctor Who’s 16th season – commonly known as the ‘Key to Time’ season due to it’s plot arc which involved the Doctor (Tom Baker) and companion Romana (Mary Tamm) searching the universe for fragments of an all powerful key.

It also happened to be Doctor Who’s 100th story, and was intended to feature a scene in which K9 sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Doctor. However this scene was vetoed by producer Graham Williams who regarded the idea as to self indulgent. However, Baker did order a cake, which was eaten by the cast and crew.   

The story has been described as “Hammeresque” – indeed it features a variety of horror movie style scenes. One scene was cut from the VHS release of the story due to concerns about its presentation of adults consumed by terror. However this scene was reinstated for the DVD release of the story. Another memorable scene features two campers being killed by the Ogri – huge sentient slabs of stone.

We will be watching ‘The Stones of Blood’ on Wednesday. Hope to see you there. 

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