Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Key To Time: The Power of Kroll Wednesday From 7pm

Our Key To Time season continues on Wednesday Night with the memorable Power of Kroll!

The TARDIS arrives on the third moon of Delta Magna as the Doctor and his new companion Romana search for the fifth segment of the legendary Key To Time.

However they get more than they've bargained for when they discover a plot to wipe out the indigenous life forms of this moon, the Swampies.  The Doctor and Romana must try to stop the duplicitous crew of a Gas Refinery.
Deep down in the swamps lurks a massive creature, however the Swampies believe the only way to keep the peace with this creature is human sacrifice...

This story features such Doctor Who luminaries as John Leeson, Philip Madoc and John Abineri.  It was also partly produced (uncredited) by John Nathan-Turner.

Join us from 7pm in the Bar, we shall be pressing Play at 7.30pm. 

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