Friday, 16 September 2011

Product Review: Doctor Who - Dalek Desktop Patrol

As Reviewed by Ditsy_Companion

For this week its time to review a product that all computer users need, a Dalek Desktop buddy. The Packaging is sturdy and the product is clearly visible with the the labeling being a little bit small but its okay. The actual product is small but the black and red colors are vibrant and show the Dalek in a professional manner.
The Dalek is from the current series, one of the new Paradigm versions and was featured in the episode
Victory to the Daleks which was shown on TV last year. The product comes with a manual which explains how to fit the batteries, there is also a FAQ with Q & A's for people who have issues. To operate the product look under the base of the Dalek and press a button. It has a three way setting; on with sound; on without sound; and off of course. The sounds are a little shakey but nevertheless it does the job, it won't fall off your desk or PC trolley. Budget wise it is for the die hard Dalek fans, teenagers who have computers and also for people who just want to add that little bit of Doctor Who magic to their desktop.
Overall, a reasonably good product, I recommend buying it.

A Picture of the product in its box

A Video of the Product in use

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