Monday, 5 December 2011

Zai Bennett on Sundays Points of View

BBC3 Controller Zai Bennett appeared on Sunday's edition of BBC One's viewer opinion programme Points of View to discuss the channel's most recent commissioning policies, of which the first question raised was about the cancellation of Doctor Who Confidential, the spin-off documentary series which goes behind the scenes of Doctor Who.

Kimberley Ritchie: Being a viewer of Doctor Who Confidential made me realise how much I wanted to go into TV production as a career. I've recently begun a course. I hope you take into account the efforts we're all putting in to try to save something we love.

Zai Bennett: Doctor Who Confidential was a brilliant series that we made six series of. It's a show about the making of another show - Doctor Who - and there are only so many ways explaining how a show is made, and in these straightened times when BBC3 is actually cutting its budget we have to prioritise the shows that we think are most important to our viewers. Doctor Who Confidential was a great show, but after six series we think that it had a very good go explaining how to make Doctor Who.

In response to reports that a Christmas edition of Doctor Who Confidential has been recorded, Bennett also added:

That's absolute nonsense, there is no finished programme sitting on a shelf. That show, however, was made for lots of different people, so for DVD and for BBC Worldwide, and there was some footage, which was about ten minutes, which will end up going online - but there's definitely not a finished show.

The lacklustre brush off of Doctor Who Confidential by Zai Bennett, the current BBC3 Controller probably came as no surprise to the shows fans.  Perhaps a few years down the line the programme may be revived for the parent programmes Fiftieth Anniversary.

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