Sunday, 7 October 2012

The War Games for Saturday & Sunday, Spearhead From Space on Wednesday

There will be no poll for next week.  Instead we'll be watching the Patrick Troughton swansong adventure, The War Games.

On Saturday 13th October the Bar will open at 8.45pm and we'll press play at 9pm, we'll be watching all five episodes on disc one.  Then on Sunday 14th October the final five episodes on the second disc will commence as normal for the Sunday Matinee, we'll open 3pm and then press play at 3.30pm.

The War Games saw the end of an era for Doctor Who, not just for the Pat Troughton era but also because this was the last story to be made in black and white.  The first colour story of the new Jon Pertwee era was Spearhead From Space, which is what we're watching in the Bar for this Wednesday's session (10th October) , we open 7.30pm and press play at 8pm.

Hope you can join in with our latest sessions.

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