Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fiftieth Anniversary Poll: William Hartnell

At the beginning of every month from now on there will be an individual Fiftieth Anniversary Poll dedicated to each Doctor which the Doctor Who Bar will run over the course of the anniversary year.

We would like you guys and gals on Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook to tweet us your favourite Doctor Who stories.  This very first Poll is the William Hartnell one and the most popular stories will go on the Poll for next Saturday.  You will then have another week to vote for which story wins and get's watched on the following Saturday.  If you are tweeting us please use the special hashtag #DWBarWH.

You can also use the comment box attached to this article to nominate any stories you would like to see on the William Hartnell Poll, which will go up on the Doctor Who Bar site on Saturday 5th January.  

So please get in touch everyone as the Bar begins it's celebrations for the Fiftieth Anniversary of Doctor Who.


  1. The first story that comes to mind is Tentth Planet. I know it was his last story but it introduced the Cybermen, my all time favourite Who monster. I also watched The Romans for the first time a few days ago and really enjoyed it. Hartnell was at his mischievous best in that one!

  2. For me my favourite Hartnell story is The Aztecs, Hartnell and Jackie Hill are on top form, Ian fights an Aztec warrior and Susan is written out for 2 episodes, cracking stuff

  3. One of my favourites is The Time Meddler. It's the first story to introduce another Timelord and is a fun historical. Another suggestion is The Daleks - this was a pretty big milestone in the Hartnell Era.

  4. I know that a lot of people may not agree with me but I'd say The Edge of Destruction.

    A chilling story and the first steps to the character that we know as The Doctor.

  5. Torn. Absolutely torn, which shows you how great a Doctor Hartnell really was.

    Of course, we have the unique opportunity to watch An Unearthly Child, probably somehow appropriate for the start of the 50th anniversary year. But then there's The Dalek Invasion of Earth, a prime example of Dalekmania and one of the better Dalek stories. But then there's The Time Meddler, which is just awesome idk...

    Guess I'll cast my vote for The Time Meddler, because that has a chair with a panda on it. Few things finer.