Monday, 25 February 2013

The Mutants was the penultimate story of Season 9.  It starred Jon Pertwee as the The Doctor alongside Katy Manning as Jo Grant.  

Whilst working on a super drive for Bessie in his laboratory at UNIT HQ, The Doctor and Jo witness a strange object appear in front of them.  The Doctor explains to Jo that this is a top priority assignment from the Time Lords and he cannot ignore it.  So for the 3rd time since his exile began The Doctor along with the TARDIS is allowed by the Time Lords to leave earth. 

The destination for the TARDIS is the 30th century, the planet Solos where the Earth Empire is contracting and plans are being made to decolonise the planet.

The intention of writers Bob Martin and Dave Baker along with Producer Barry Letts was for this story to have an anti-racist message to it.

We will be watching this story on Wednesday.  The bar opens 7:30pm GMT and we press play at 8:00pm GMT.  I hope to see you there.

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