Friday 11 October 2013

List of Missing Episodes Recovered

Fans of the original run of Doctor Who know that many stories were wiped by the BBC.  Some of these were returned to the BBC and luckily the entire Jon Pertwee run has been in the archive for quite some time albeit some of it in Black and White only.  Those episodes have been painstakingly restored to colour as best as possible by The Restoration Team.

108 episodes were missing until the BBC announced the recovery of The Underwater Menace episode 2 and Galaxy 4 episode 3.

After whispers before and after that find, we have had months of speculation and rumour about possible discoveries, on Tuesday the BBC website stated that a number of episodes had been returned to the BBC.  The official announcement has just been made about which episodes have been returned.

The Enemy of the World episodes 1-2,4-6.  Episode 3 was already in the BBC archive.  The Web of Fear episodes 2, 4-6  This just leaves episode 3 missing as episode 1 is already in the archives.

The BBC have released these Patrick Troughton episodes via iTunes as downloads.

A DVD will be released on the 22nd November of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear follows in early 2014.

There is speculation that this is not all the episodes that have been returned and there will be a further announcement at some point.

We at The Doctor Who Bar are very glad these episodes have been returned and we give grateful thanks to all those involved in returning these to the archives.

We also look forward to watching them in the Bar soon.

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