Sunday, 15 December 2013

Viewers Choice Night

Here at The Doctor Who Bar we love our followers and those who join in with our sessions no matter how often you are able to.

As a small Christmas gift to you we give you Viewers Choice Night on Saturday 28th December.

How this works is tweet us your suggestion of a story (Christmas Specials excluded please) to #DWBarVC  for it to count you must tweet before 8:30pm GMT on Saturday 21st December and before our session that night we will announce the Top 5.

You then can vote again by tweeting again to #DWBarVC for 1 of those 5 before 8:30pm GMT on Saturday 28th December.  We will then watch the winning story at 9pm GMT that night.

Please remember only tweets with the tag #DWBarVC WILL count.

Finally Happy Christmas to you all.

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