Sunday, 2 February 2014

Let's Get The Captain America Movie Sequel To Feature Doctor Who!

The latest Marvel movie blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier could feature the hit TV series  Doctor Who and Sherlock when it arrives in the UK and Ireland screens in March this year.

After his sixty-year coma following the events seen in Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America (also known as Steve Rogers) will be adapting to life in the 21st century. A scene will occur, featuring Rogers' scrapbook, with notes filled with the news he has missed out on during his spell in a coma. Now comes the exciting bit for lovers of the hit television series Sherlock and more importantly Doctor Who!

Captain America will have missed plenty of amazing TV in his comatose absence - so the Radio Times Magazine have created a poll which will help him decide which great British & Irish TV could be featured in the very special scene. Hopefully the BBC's flagship sci-fi series Doctor Who (what else could it be!), Sherlock, and many other TV hits making the poll could be included.  This is a great opportunity for fans to help their favourite programme feature in a massive blockbuster motion picture!

For example, there could be a picture of the Eleventh Doctor (played by Matt Smith) & Clara (Jenna Coleman) on their travels in the TARDIS, or even Sherlock (actor Benedict Cumberbatch) & John Watson  (Martin Freeman) discovering a mystery - there are endless possibilities for extracts of either show to be incorporated into the scene. So where and how do we vote? The link below will take you to the original article and poll, for you to cast your votes (you may vote for up to three programmes, so please choose very carefully!)

Click here to cast your vote!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will hit UK & Ireland screens on Wednesday 26th March, and US cinemas on Friday 4th April.

[Source : The Radio Times]


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