Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Chase- Words by @Zeiton_7 and Pictures @cheezypeas

Oh those Pepper Pots are at it again!


After the exciting events of The Space Museum The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki are off for a well earned rest. They have taken with them the Time- Space Visualiser (a device which allows the viewer to see any past event in space and time) It is through this device that they learn of The Daleks plan to follow the Tardis and exterminate The Doctor. To their further horror The Doctor realises that these events may have started to unfold. This isn't going to be the restful beach holiday they had imagined!


 In addition to The Daleks there are a number of other life forms that the Doctor encounters who are equally as disturbing.

 The first are Vicki's eyes. We, in the bar, noticed last week that her eyes are never still. Indeed, they are positively hyper and seem determined to out act the rest of her body (something which isn't very difficult) Once you notice this freak occurrence it is impossible to take anything she says or does seriously without noticing her odd eyes!



Secondly, we meet the Mire Beasts (guess where they live?) thats right in the sand! Strange looking creatures with multiple tentacles who attack any unwilling travellers and presumably eat them or tickle them to death.


Thirdly, the indigenous citizens of the planet, Aridius (sounds like a deodorant doesn't it?) The Aridians (wasn't he a runner up of The X Factor) are enslaved by The Daleks and set to work digging out the Tardis. But they are soon allied to The Doctor and aid him and his companions in their struggles.


Fourthly, The Mechanoids. At first glance these robots look like they could fall over at any moment (they probably did) But they prove to be worthy adversaries to the Daleks themselves. Watch out for the first ever Dalek vs robot foe mash up!


The Chase, of the stories title is a rip rawing ride through space and time. They visit the Empire State Building (interesting that The Daleks built the famous land mark but seem to have forgotten that here) the Mary Celeste and even the abodes of Frankenstein and Dracula. Yes, this is a story unlike any other and features a fast moving storyline and many locations. Anyone that thinks older Who episodes are slow moving and boring need to check this one out! At the end of this story Ian and Barbara say their goodbyes and once again William Hartnell's acting is both moving and memorable.


 So join us tomorrow and witness for yourself the fast paced story that is The Chase The Bar opens at 7pm and we press play at 7.30pm Whisky chasers will be served #DWBAR

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