Friday, 1 June 2012

The Tin Dog Poll- An Introduction to K-9. Words by @Zeiton_7 and Pictures by @cheezypeas

"Good dog

Affirmative Master"
The Inner workings of K-9 or K-9 Naked!

On Saturday we in The Doctor Who Bar are paying tribute to the ultimate of all doggies, K-9.
There have been four versions of K-9 over the years and its amazing to think that he wasn't ever intended to be a regular companion.

K-9 first appeared in The Fourth Doctor story- The Invisible Enemy and was created by Professor Marius. The original, or Mark 1, version decided to remain on Galifrey with Leela at the end of the story The Invasion of Time. However, he had proved to be so popular The Doctor is seen unpacking a box labelled K-9 MK II.

Throughout his many adventures with The Doctor K-9 proved to be a useful companion and even boasted a laser for self defence, which was concealed within his nose. Whilst often the butt of The Doctors jokes and frustration, he was regarded with sentiment and affection.

However some of the crew and production team did not share this sentiment for the erstwhile dog. The limitations with K-9 were largely due to the difficulties experienced when K-9 had to traverse anything other than a flat, smooth service. To put it bluntly he wouldn't move!

This is best seen when K-9 is given the task of following the Marsh Men in Full Circle. Our doggy hero is thwarted by a very small ditch! This was the main reason why K-9 was finally written out of the series at the end of Warriors' Gate. I think people got fed up with the limitations they felt were apparent with a dog that just wouldn't play ball.

K-9 featured in the anniversary story The Five Doctors, albeit very briefly, and even had his own spin off series, K-9 and Company. After a pivotal and decisive role in the Tennant story School Reunion he was finally given to Sarah Jane Smith and featured regularly in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

K-9's final appearance in Doctor Who to date is in the final part of the end of season  two parter, Journeys End. He did feature in an Australian spin off series called er K-9. The problem with this series was that they totally redesigned K-9 and most Whovians really didn't like the reboot or the series as a result.

K-9 is loved by fans both young and old. I was recently at a conference where he made a guest appearance and immediately reverted back to childhood. Indeed, a collective cry of joy could be heard as the tin dog wheeled onto the stage. It is this universal affection that makes K-9 such an adorable and wonderful creation. Intelligent and witty he even beat The Doctor at chess once!

As the saying goes, slightly amended, "you can't keep a good dog down" and I am sure that we haven't seen the last of K-9 on our screens. What was that K-9? "Affirmative master"

 So join us on Saturday for a K-9 double bill. We will watch the winning story and the runner up. The bar opens at 7.30pm and we press play at 8pm. Please bring some doggy treats as K-9 gets upset! #DWBAR

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