Monday, 28 May 2012

Dragonfire- Words by @Zeiton_7 and Pictures by @cheezypeas

"Do you feel like arguing with a can of deodorant that registers nine on the Richter scale?"- Ace

Dragonfire is well known amongst Who fans for three reasons. Firstly, Mel leaves and Ace (the ravishing and feisty Sophie Aldred) joins The Doctor. Secondly, evil Kane melts at the end (this special effect is still shocking for Doctor Who and I still love it) Thirdly, the end of episode one cliff hanger involves The Doctor dangling over the edge of a sheer drop by his umbrella for absolutely no reason what so ever.

It is the third point I wanted to pick up on but before I do....... YEAH SHE'S GONE, THE ANNOYING SCREAMY IRRITATING MEL HAS GONE!!! Well thats now out of my system! No wait

...and we're back in the room! So where was I? oh yes! The Doctor clambers of the edge of a sheer icy drop and dangles, held by his trademark umbrella. Why? Why would you do that? Did he realise time was pressing and he needed to be in peril in order to move to the next episode? I have done some research and can now reveal the following. In the original screen play The Doctor is walking along an icy path and finds his way blocked so is forced to climb down the cliff face. This, rather important piece of information, did not make its way onto the finished filmed article. Andrew Cartmel (Script Editor) points out "one of the things that the director has to bear in mind is the viewers don't know the script"

Anyway, back to the plot. The Doctor and Mel find themselves on Iceworld, a space trading colony on the planet of Svartos. Ruled by the thoroughly unpleasant Kane this is a dangerous place. Kane's body temperature is many hundreds of degrees below zero and one touch can kill. So yes, finally a villain who is not just cold hearted! this guy is cold all over.

In addition to meeting up with Ace, in the coffee shop serving (badly) as a waitress they also reunite with the devious Glitz and together try to uncover the secret of Dragonfire.

I love Glitz, loveable rogue that he is. Not quite evil but he would sell his own mother for a few grotsits!

Dragonfire is Who at its best! great villains, wonderful fighting sequences and the introduction of, in my view one of  the best female companions ever. Move over Pond you can't hold a candle to our Ace!

The end of the story sees the departure of Mel, who is left to bother and annoy Glitz. This, for obvious reasons, is something that displeases him and his facial expression is a joy to behold.

So join us on wednesday, for cold nastiness, a wonderfully stupid literal cliff hanger and Sophie Aldred exploding onto our screens (with the aid of some Nitro 9 of course) for the first time as Ace. To quote the song "You're as cold as ice" and yes he is willing to sacrifice.

We watch Dragonfire at 7.30pm BST with the bar opening for chilled drinks at 7pm #DWBAR

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