Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Master by @cheezypeas

You are indeed a worthy opponent, Doctor. It's what gives your destruction its... piquancy.”

A chameleon, a charlatan. Brimming with evil cunning, and a psychotic megalomaniac to boot; the Master is the yang to the Doctors ying, and is as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

Love him or loathe him, The Master has been the Doctor’s “best enemy” since the Third Doctor’s era. Another renegade Time Lord, but with a more selfish power hungry motive and a begrudging respect for our beloved Doctor.

The Master wasn’t born evil. At the age of eight he undertook the ritual Time lord initiation. As everyone else before him, he peered into the time vortex via the untempered schism, a rather unpleasant experience that either makes or breaks a Time Lord Academy hopeful.

He was driven mad by this exposure, which wasn’t an unusual outcome. However, the constant drumming he believes he heard in his head from that day was unique as we know from the Tenth Doctors era Rassilon actually placed it there during the time war to release the Time Lords. It’s suggested this incessant drumming is why he became corrupt and evil.

By the time we first see the Master in Terror of the Autons he had already reached his final incarnation, but although he was desperate to obtain a new regenerative cycle this didn’t stop him trying to take control of the universe whilst trying to save his own life on numerous occasions.  He becomes adept at disguises and the aliases he used were normally anagrams for “Master”.  He also developed the art of possession in order to keep himself alive, carelessly murdering the innocent victims in the process.

We see his manipulative skills at great effect throughout the years, an expert hypnotist that would put Paul Mckenna to shame and his seemingly charming nature to the naïve assists him in getting where he wants and what he wants. He also has a terrible temper, and his psychotic tendencies often cause him mental conflict.

"What do you mean can I bend spoons and make you act like a chicken?"

Although he is hell bent on destroying the Doctor, the Master does admire his intelligence and ability to stay alive throughout the years. The Doctor himself is also in awe of the Master, but also disappointed as he can see what his full potential could be if he gave up his relentless quest to take over the universe.

Like the Doctor he has had many faces, but his goal always remains the same; take over the Universe, destroy the Doctor and stay alive.

As for you mere mortals; “YOU WILL OBEY ME!”

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