Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Full Circle- by @Dr_Who_Con_Fans

On Wednesday we embark on our journey into E-Space with the Doctor, Romana and K9. The first story is one that marks the start of my love affair with Doctor Who. The Marshmen rising out of the mist covered swamp is always an image that will stay in my mind as it both scared and excited me both at the same time. This, for me, is the magic of Doctor Who. It is a programme that can both scare and enthrall and this applies both to adult and child alike.

So the plot, well its really quite simple. The Doctor loses control of the TARDIS and finds himself in an alternative universe known as E-Space, whilst attempting to find a way out our intrepid crew land on Alzarius and all is not well. How many times does this happen to the Doctor?  Wouldn't it be amazing for him to land in a place and find absolutely nothing untoward, have a rest, perhaps something to eat and leave again!

This episode is significant as it introduces  the character of Adric to the show as a regular companion. A great deal has been written about Adric and it has to be said most of it wasn't glowing. I think he has his strengths, his excellent keen mind allows him to debate with the Doctor on almost an equal level. He has, however, a tendency to strop (as most teenagers can do) and this can make him a tad annoying at times.

The other event that everyone remembers Full Circle for is what befalls K9, its not pleasant but then neither is what happens to poor Romana. (if you don't like spiders I'd turn away)

I love this story as it is fun, eventful and full of colourful (literally in the Marshmens case, they're green!) characters.

So please join us on Wednesday at 7.30pm as we depart this universe and start our journey through E-Space. You won't regret it and yes you can "trust me on this"

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