Tuesday, 15 May 2012

State of Decay by @The_Knights87

Edward and Bella, Sookie and Bill and other sappy vampire couples are second rate compared to Zargo and Camilla.  Zargo and Camilla along with Aukon is Doctor Who’s one true vampire couple. Long before the Matt Smith story The Vampires of Venice this classic story by long time Who scribe and fan favorite Terrance Dicks actually boasts human vampires and a really cool castle.

The State of Decay is the second part of The E- Space Trilogy and heralded by some to be the best story of the three.  I tend to agree.  Some may say that State of Decay is downright scary and has a paranoid feel to it.  The atmosphere of this episode really makes it one of those stories that you tend to remember long after watching it.


It is also a very interesting story in the fact that Terrance Dicks delves into more Timelord history and their involvement in a war with the Great Vampire.  Yes it seems the Timelords were a warmonger race well before they fought in the Time War.   But it is also great to see the Doctor and Romana scared as they are reading the history of the Timelords involvement with the vampires that you tend to get scared yourself. 

Imagine how the Doctor must feel like knowing it is his solemn duty as a Timelord to eradicate the universe of vampires and he happens upon the king of all vampires who happens to be feeding off an IV of blood that Arkon has gathered from sacrificing the villagers.

My fond recollection of watching this story is mainly that the Doctor is fighting vampires. A group of three vampires that is in a sense very odd and very scary.  One hell bent on terrorizing the villagers and the other two who seem to be living an extremely bizarre love life.  Plus it also has a great story of the villagers rising up against their oppressors and winning their freedom.  A staple of most Doctor Who stories but mainly a from the Jon Pertwee era where Terrance Dicks did most of his writing for the show but it was good to see that in a Tom Baker story. 

So if you are a fan of vampires or a fan of really good storytelling in a sci – fi setting then join us in watching State of Decay. 

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