Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The E-Space Trilogy- Warriors' Gate

"Now unless we work very closely together we could be caught here until the crack of doom. Oh, what's the use? Can I have one of your pickles?"

Tomorrow we watch the last story in The E-Space Trilogy and, indeed, the last story to feature Romana and K-9 as companions. Whilst it is well known and commentated on that The Doctor, throughout all his travels, has exhibited sometimes dubious control of the Tardis. This is perhaps the longest period of time where we have seen him lost and powerless to find a way home. What about his exile on Earth during his third regeneration? I hear you say! Well, it was just that, an exile. This is very much of The Doctor's own making. But this situation brings out a vulnerability, played out through the three stories, that bring to the viewer a different aspect to The Doctor. At times he simply doesn't have the answers and, lets face it, if K-9 doesn't know either we are in big trouble!

Warriors' Gate finds the Tardis and it's occupants trapped in a time rift. But they are not alone and soon come into contact with another ship. This ship is crewed by the mysterious Tharil race who are also its cargo. When the Tardis is visited by Biroc, a Tharil, The Doctor is persuaded try and unravel the mysteries surrounding what he has been told. But with K-9 seriously damaged and Romana missing what can he do? (I'd mention Adric but he too is, as usual, a little baffled)

The scene, pictured above, where the Tardis appears alongside the titular Warriors' Gate may look familiar to Doctor Who viewers. It is that particular white, "non space" that was used to such great effect in The Mindrobber (the classic Second Doctor story) This, no doubt, get the program within budget. However in todays world of CGI and sometimes overpowering effects perhaps there is an argument for less is more!

This is a fantastic story that features many twists and turns. Personally, I love the scenes when The Doctor is walking through the mysterious landscapes within the void. It also highlights Romana's compassion for other races and is, in my view, one of her biggest character strengths. Other Timelords are obsessed with power, control or their own self importance but Romana portrays a wonderful warm considerate side. She, in previous stories, has been at odds with The Doctor and would attempt to find more peaceful solutions to the predicaments they found themselves in. She was also his equal and could boast a breathtaking knowledge of the history of civilisations that rivalled The Doctor himself.

What is the mysterious Warriors's Gate? Why is Lazlo so hairy? Will The Doctor ever escape E-Space and how will this trilogy be brought to a close?

 We will find out the answers at 7.30pm tomorrow when we press play #DWBAR

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