Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Planet of Fire- By @Dr_Who_Con_Fans

On Wednesday we are watching Planet of Fire, which features the first appearance of a certain Perpugilliam Brown (or Peri for short) played by the delectable Nicola Bryant. Now when either Peri or the story, Planet of Fire are mentioned this image comes to mind

Or perhaps this one

It is certainly true that, for most, it is a story that is notable for the lack of clothing worn (and no I'm not complaining) than the story itself. But perhaps this is a little unfair. So having got the gratuitous attractive barely clad Peri pictures out of my system, lets have a little look at the story.

On the desert world of Sarn, a weird religious sect worship the fire god Logar and are pretty much unhappy about this situation.]

Meanwhile The Doctor is still travelling with Turlough and the android Kamelion who, unbeknownst to The Doctor, has made mental contact with The Master (who was his previous careful owner)

Peri is a disillusioned young girl who is desperate for some fun and adventure and is rescued by Turlough from drowning. The Tardis dematerialises on its own with Peri still on board and thus begins her adventures with The Doctor. What follows is a story that involves The Master doing what he does best and attempting to gain total power whilst killing The Doctor. It is also significant as it is the last story to feature Turlough as he leaves to return to his people.

So whether you watch this story for Nicola Bryants fantastic performance as the buxom Peri or to discover the mysteries of Sarn, watch it. It may surprise you but it will certainly entertain you.

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