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Hilarious Hairstyles - words by @Dr_Who_Con_Fans and pictures by @cheezypeas

On Saturday we will be watching the Doctor Who story that has been voted the most popular "Hilarious Hairstyle" by you. Over the shows near fifty year run there have been plenty of examples of times when hairstyles go bad. I would suggest there may have been a very good reason for the follicle faux pas that have so amused us fans over the years. However, because of the tight and limited budgets, as well as the sci-fi nature of the show it may have been decided that the best and cheapest way to demonstrate the people on screen are not of this particular world would be to give them the oddest and weirdest hairstyles! The thinking behind this being that no human being would ever go out looking like that. Below we have given eleven examples of what we feel are the worst offenders of hilarious hair.

Enjoy because..... you're worth it!!!

The Ark 1966

William Hartnell. The Monoids were a race of creatures with one eye and "Cousin It" style hair (I use the term loosely). It is hard to decide whether Dodo Chaplet is more scared of the creature or its silly hair. Mind you her hair wasn't a great deal better.

The Monster of Peladon 1974

Jon Pertwee. The Royal Beast or Aggedor to his friends (he didn't have many) looks like A.L.F (popular 80's t.v programme) on a really bad day. Bad hair, bad attitude and generally not someone you'd invite for texting and scones.  He did however get very fond of the Doctor, so if you thought K9 was his first pet then think again!

The Carnival of Monsters 1973

Jon Pertwee. Vorg (male) and Shirna (female) both are equally bad in the hair region. Vorg has a terrible head of hair that is clinging to his scalp by gravity only. To combat this he has added a Pyrex bowl which doubles as a handy way to casserole and also maintain the position of his hair. Off subject but he is also being attacked by multicoloured cheerios for some reason! Shirna has a terrible curled mop which has been accessorised by pom poms on sticks. Awful!

The Masque of Mandragora 1976

Tom Baker. Frederico here has a lego head hairstyle. If you recall your childhood the lego men had hair that looked the same whichever way you moved it. Bad split ends so obviously doesn't use Pantene and he is attempting to deflect attention away from his appalling mop by adding a lightening converter. Bad idea!  He should've went to Specsavers!

The Robots of Death 1977

Tom Baker. Taron Capel (Dask) looks like a teddy bear to be honest. Here we see him perusing the latest issue of "how to improve your hair so you don't turn into a psychotic mad man" and obviously failing miserably!  His hair is so outraged at being part of this hideousness it is attempting to crawl down the back of his head and escape.  Even laughing gas can't help his performance!

The Leisure Hive 1980

Tom Baker. Pangol oh dear oh dear oh dear! Really don't know where to start. Bouffant, insane colouring and some weird stalk type thing at the top. Looks like a badger, badger, badger (mushroom, mushroom) gone wrong! Plus looks like a bit of smug individual. Lord knows why, giving orders here and there, has he looked in the mirror recently!

Snakedance 1983

Peter Davison. Lon has a sundial on his head and he's clearly not happy about it. His real hair underneath is an awful side parted nightmare which grows over his ears. A case of Hair Behaving Badly?  Who could imagine that his hair raising performance in this story (I joke of course!) would kickstart his career.


Mawdryn Undead 1983

Peter Davison. The Black Guardian has no idea what to do with hair gel! Just scraping loads onto your fingers and applying in the centre of his hair really looks bad. Looks like There's Something About Mawdryn. I assumed it was hair gel! P.S The Crow makes a terrible accessory.  Erm mind you, I think a lot of teenagers these days have modelled their spiky hair on the Black Guardian's look!

The Twin Dilemma 1984

Colin Baker. Its not just aliens that have bad hair days on Doctor Who. Look at poor Edgeworth here (above) or is it Azmael, his hair has been parted by a Moses - Red Sea type miracle, so it seems. Jean Luc Picard he is not. The Jocondans have huge noses that have been evolved over centuries to distract from their shocking hair. Too long, spiky and in no particular style whatsoever. At least they don't have to bother with a comb in the morning as they look as if they've been dragged through a bush backwards, ahem!

The Two Doctors 1985

Colin Baker. During the course of this story the Second Doctor is turned into an Androgum and has very little hair. Fortunately for the Doctor he does maintain his own but Shockeye (as seen above) has no such luck. The hair he does have grows in clumps sporadically about his head. Bright ginger in colour it's almost as unpleasant as he is!

Love and Monsters 2006

David Tennant. Victor Kennedy (The Abzorbaloff) had no hair at the front but oh my word doesn't he make up for it at the back. A combination of a Mohican that didn't bother to stop growing and continued down his back. Hideous but not as disgusting as the Abzorbaloff naked!

 So join us on Saturday for the winner of The Hilarious Hairstyle Poll. There are so many other examples we could use but lets not forget even the Doctor himself wasn't immune to the odd shocker.

See you all in the Doctor Who Bar on Saturday, we're both off now to go wash our hair! 

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