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Meglos- by @zeiton_7

"I think what we've got here is a good old fashioned doppleganger"


If you feel the desire to stroll around your garden today you are unlikely to encounter anything more sinister than a few wasps, bees and the like. Not so in the world of Doctor Who! It seems you can't walk more than a few steps before being attacked by carnivorous plants that are intent on eating you or transforming you into hideous planty hybrids (Krynoids in Seeds of Doom and Vervoids in The Trial of a Timelord leap to mind)

"I expect you're wondering why I've called this meeting"

Now, you aren't even safe in the desert it seems. Step forward Meglos you evil, green, horny nasty you! (I do mean horny, well thorny, he's a cactus you see) Meglos is the last surviving Zolfa-Thuran and he is out for revenge! His diabolical plan involves stealing a Dodecahedron and pretending to be The Doctor. This cactus dude has more than "supper time" on his mind (I couldn't work out how to put "feed me Seymour" into the blog)

Seriously, what do you talk about with a large green cactus?
Zolfa-Thura and Tigella are the only habitable planets within The Prion System and Zolfa-Thura is a desert planet. The only point of interest on its barren sandy wasteland is a circle of five huge screens (presumabley left after a galactic rock concert) but it is here that Meglos conceives his plan to destroy the universe and wreak his revenge upon,well, pretty much everyone. This plan involves The Doctor at the very heart of it and manipulation is the name of the game.
Zolfa-Thura prepares to host a Disaster Area concert
Meanwhile, on Tigella, the white haired Tigellans spend their time debating the origins of the power giving Dodecahedron. There are two factions, one that believes its a gift from their god Ti (green curry anyone?) and the other believing a more scientific explanation. Their constant bickering is a source of annoyance to Zastor, the planets leader, and he calls in The Doctor (who he has met before) to mediate.

I sollemly swear that I am up to no good

This is where our green spiky villain's plot picks up. You see, Meglos isn't an ordinary cactus, he is Doctor Who cactus and he's a doppleganger. As such he can take the shape of any being he chooses and he chooses The Doctor. Using some pretty unpleasant galactic mercenaries (Gaztaks) he hitches a lift to Tigella and attempts to steal the Dodecahedron. I bet you'll never view a cactus in the same light again!

A Skin Condition That Baby Powder Can't Cure

Viewers of The Almost People would not be wrong in picking up echoes of Meglos within its story. Mofatt clearly knows his Who as the doppleganger thread is central to events here. It is also understandable that some Who fans view Meglos as a weak story. After all it does feature a giant cactus as its main villain and the true origin of the Dodecahedron is never really explained. However, I feel this is a little unfair. After all much of what we love about Doctor Who doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. There are gaps, contradictions but this adds to the wonder and enjoyment of a Science FICTION show. Come on guys lighten up its entertainment!

So, will the Doctor escape the Time Bubble that he, Romana and K-9 have been placed....

Wrong end Romana 
The story is worth watching for Tom Bakers performance as both hero and villain. His, slightly colder, performance as Meglos Doctor is chilling and totally at odds with his normal "teeth and curls" manic Doctor. This is truly a story that is worth a look.

Join us tomorrow for Meglos. We open the bar at 7:00pm and press play at 7:30pm BST #DWBAR

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