Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Seeds of Death by @cheezypeas

"Your leader will be angry if you kill me.....I'm a genius!"

Make a note of these Martians either side of the Doctor (hint, hint!)

Imagine a World where you could be instantly transported at the touch of a button anywhere in the World....Welcome to T-Mat! Single or return, Sir?

Life on Earth seems pretty peachy in the late 21st Century until a spacecraft of unknown origin docks at the T-Mat moonbase and its crew of decidedly evil icy martians take over operations.

Meanwhile, The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie have found themselves in a rocket museum after one of the Doctor's usual navigational blips. (it appears in this era rockets were soooo last century!) There they meet a very suspicious Professor Eldred who becomes their ally when they offer to help out T-mat by travelling in his rusty old banger of a rocket to the moonbase.

They weren't impressed with the inflight entertainment!

Whilst the trio are making their risky journey to the moon, the Ice Warriors have started to use T-Mat to send little 'presents' to various areas of the World; Strange seeds that make their own impromptu deadly fungus foam party.


The foam fungus sucks the oxygen out of the air making the Earth more habitable for the Ice Warriors to invade. Whilst doing this they begin to use T-Mat to come to Earth and begin manipulating London's weather control system to make things decidedly chilly.

Couple of facts: Frazer Hines was initially leaving during this story with a new companion being introduced but he changed his mind after Patrick Troughton persuaded him to stay. This resulted in Terrance Dicks virtually re-writing the whole story. In episode 4 a body double was used for the unconscious Doctor as Patrick Troughton had gone on holiday!

Will the Ice Warriors succeed in taking over the Earth and turning it into a giant freezer or will they be thwart by an uncharacteristic English heat wave? Will the Doctor manage to put a 'dampener' on this martian foam party or is he not on the VIP list?

Brought me glow sticks, now lets party!

Join us on Wednesday from 7pm BST to find out!

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