Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Asylum of the Daleks Premiere Date

It's been confirmed by the Radio Times, but not yet by the BBC itself that Asylum of the Daleks will air at 7.20pm on 1st of September.

So the long wait is over, and there are apparently two shocking plot twists in this opening adventure to savour! 

So tune in Saturday 1st September, to find out what is going on as the maverick Time Lord comes face to face with his arch enemies.

UPDATE:  It has now been confirmed by The Official BBC Doctor Who twitter feed @BBCDoctorWho that Asylum of the Daleks will indeed be broadcast at 7.20pm BST on 1st of September.

BBC America has just announced that they will also premiere the adventure on the 1st of September, but at 9pm ET.

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