Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Flick of a Page - Why I love the Doctor Who Books

Ever since I have been a Doctor Who fan there has always been something to keep my enthusiasm going for the show when it was off air. Those of course were the Doctor Who Books and Novels which spring new and exciting Doctor Who stories to life.

It is incredible how authors can produce such imagination into every Doctor Who novel out there where one page can hold as much adventure as a whole TV episode.

It is outstanding how many books have been published since Doctor Who began to the present day, here is a list of the type of Novels that we've had:

The TARGET Doctor Who Novelisations
The Virgin New Adventures
The BBC Doctor Who novels
Panini Graphic Novels

A while ago I asked some of my Twitter Followers to pick out their favourite classic or New Doctor Who Novel's, and here is what they said:

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