Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Further Missing Episode Rumours

So if the BBC and T.I.E.A (Television International Enterprises Archives) thought the statements they released last week would put the rumours to bed then they were mistaken.

The latest I have seen from someone on a forum I occasionally visit has said Philip Morris is currently in Hong Kong negotiating for 2 episodes of the Wheel In Space. This person cites Caroline Skinner as his source for this information.

As I have said previously this person has been saying for months about the missing episodes being in existence and I am sceptical but do not disbelief him.

He advised yesterday morning to keep an eye on Bleeding Cool again.

Now Bleeding Cool did indeed make a post yesterday where they say the latest rumour is "a teaser trailer for one of the Missing Episodes, now returned, will appear on the end of September’s release of Doctor Who: Terror Of The Zygons DVD."

They go on to say "The rumour stands that whoever hold the films wants the films to be properly treated, with full restoration, the use of vidFIRE and the like, while BBC Worldwide wanted to release them quickly in the format they arrived in. And that has caused the delay, in negotiation and release.

Contracts have, however, been agreed with all concerned parties for BBC Worldwide for the return and release of Marco Polo, Enemy Of The World and Web Of Fear missing episodes. This would account for seventeen missing episodes, verified and in releasable condition.

But to the rest of the reported returned ninety missing episodes? They’re on hold for now. As are the many episodes that the BBC already hold, but that could exist in better condition in this recovered cache."

The Full article can be viewed here: Bleeding Cool Missing Ep on Zygon DVD Rumour

We will try and keep you updated when more information on this story emerges.

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