Monday, 8 July 2013

Introducing The Doctor Who Bar Dukebox

I'm writing to promote a small experiment I am running for the bar this coming Monday.
On Monday at 8.00 pm BST I am hosting the first experimental session of the Doctor Who Bar Dukebox (name probably to change in future) this session will be focusing rather than on a televisual story but that of an audio story. Rather than loading your DVD, iTunes or time space visualiser. we will be listening and discussing one of the many many many Doctor Who Audio stories produced by many different companies over the years. As its the first in the session and somewhat of an introduction, we shall be listening to the first ever Big Finish release. "The Sirens of Time" Starring Doctor number's 5, 6 and 7, released way back in 1999. you can partake in this session by either listening via use of a CD if you own it or Big Finish now offer sales of just downloads if you don't have the story.
I do hope to see you all there on Monday, but until then may you all live well. Take care.

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