Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Duke Box No 2.

Monday saw the 1st session of the Duke Box, the bar's new session for BF Audio's and missing serials.

Next Monday will see us having a missing serial. This serial will be the William Hartnell adventure The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve.

You have 2 choices with this. You can listen to the audio or if you have the LC Recon then you can watch that.

If you don't have either and want to join then you can purchase the audio as part of Doctor Who The Lost TV Episodes Collection No. 2

This is available from Amazon, BBC Shop and other places.

The bar opens at 7:45pm and the session will begin at 8pm BST.

As always everyone is welcome to join us even if you have only just started following us on Twitter.


  1. I do hope I'll be able to join you for this one. I have the recon and it's been years since I saw it, unable to remember what happens! I've often found the repetitive nature of recons (repeated images over and over) a trifle tedious and the opportunity to tweet and discuss the classic stories with others is an excellent idea.