Thursday, 25 July 2013

the duke box

a bit late in the week i know but my life has been hectic :).

Session 3 in the DWBar duke box is taking place on Monday. and for this session seen as its the last Monday in month 7 i thought we'd do a purely 7th doctor tale.
this Monday's story will be 45 by Big Finish productions. you can join in if you have the story on CD or a digital copy. here is link to the buying page of Big Finish's website for those who don't have it and want to join in.

As a post script me and the rest of the bar are strongly against audio piracy, so if you don't have this story buy it. don't torrent it.
At the bar have the upmost respect and support for BBC worldwide, AudioGo and Big Finish productions.
take care all

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  1. Absolutely have respect for Big Finish, AudioGo and BBC Worldwide.