Monday, 22 July 2013

The Dukebox

A reminder that our new trial session of The Dukebox is taking place on Monday nights at 8pm BST.

These either take the form of the recovered audios of a William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton missing serial or a Big Finish Audio Story.

Of course with the missing Hartnell or Troughton adventures there is also the ability to watch the Loose Canon Reconstructions, which are not for profit "fan-produced endeavours".

If you are interested in these (which in my own personal opinion are very good) then we of course still recommend purchasing the official audio as well. These are usually narrated by a member of the serials cast or a fellow Doctor.

I closing I would like to remind you all that The Doctor Who Bar fully support the BBC/AudioGo and Big Finish Releases.

We hope you can join us in the bar for these sessions.

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