Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dukebox 4 (Possibly the last one)

Monday could be your last chance to join in a Dukebox session.

If you have not heard of it before, we either listen to a BF Audio or BBC/AudioGo Missing Story release. Of course you also can watch the Loose Canon recons if you have them for the Missing Story sessions.

In this session it is going to be The Moonbase. We open at 7:45pm and Play at 8pm BST

Episodes 2 & 4 of this 4 part story are in the archives and are on The Lost In Time collection and like the Hartnell story The Crusade on the same release (unless you have the R1 separate releases) the 2 missing episodes have the audio version as well.

The plan will be as follows: 8pm we play episode 1 audio (or again watch the Loose Canon recon of it if you have it). We will take a few minutes break after each episode to allow you navigate to the next one.

Please do support the Dukebox on Monday if you want it to stay. Barfleet Command are making a decision on the future of it after Monday's session.

SimonGa will be the host with the most for this session and everyone both old and new are welcome to join us in the #DWBar for this or of course any of our sessions.

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