Friday, 23 August 2013

this mondays duke box

after being unable to host the duke box last monday (19th) i am going to host a session on monday the 26th instead.
for this story we are going to listen to one of big finish's numerous outputs.
august release (so its a new one guys).
starlight robbery 
starring sylvester McCoy. this infact will be a new story for me as i have as of yet not been able to listen to it, however reliable sources tell me its a bit on the good side.
hope you can join us in the bar from 8.00pm monday for this story. and if you don't have it yet then scurry on over to bigfinish's site and spend your pennys on it.
look i've even posted the link to where you can buy it either as cd or as download. because i'm nice like that :)
hope you can join us for this session and also don't forget to join us tomorrow for captain void's and simon's excelent new run through of the sarah jane adventures.
all the best 

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