Sunday, 20 November 2011

Anniversary week in The Doctor Who Bar

This Wednesday sees the 48th anniversary of Doctor Who, so we thought we would celebrate our favourite series. On Wednesday night we will be watching the very first story An Unearthly Child aka 100,000 BC.

We will be putting a a poll shortly, to watch next Saturday, with an anniversary theme. We will of course include The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, the 25th anniversary specials Silver Nemesis and Remembrance of the Daleks. But what else would you like to see included within this theme?

We will also have some articles on our memories of the series and what made us fans. We would love to hear from you.. What are your favourite memories of Doctor Who and what turned you into a fan? Tweet us @TheDoctorWhoBar or via the contact form on the left hand side.

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