Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Memories of the Fifth Doctor

In support of the chosen Fifth Doctor story for Doctor Who Bar I thought I'd share my memories of him. Taking over from Tom Baker is a tall order and I can't think of anyone in the 1980's that was more up to the challenge than Peter Davison. His Doctor was charming, intelligent but also showed a degree of vulnerability more regularly than Baker's Doctor. He also made mistakes- big ones- that lost him companions. His miscalculation in Earthshock sent Adric to his death, not a huge loss some may argue, but it's still there. Tegan's disgust at all the death and wandering through time led to her sad departure at the end of Resurrection of the Daleks. I believe it was this more emotional and vulnerable side that placed Davison's signature to his Doctor. I watched amazed and moved at the end of his tenure in Caves of Androzani as he gave his life to save the lovely Peri (Nicola Bryant - follow her on twitter you know you want to).

Then there was the running, the endless running! As Jack Harkness said "I've missed this". Normally legging it down a long (the same looking) corridor or in a quarry. The Fifth Doctor cut a dashing sight with his trade mark Cricket outfit and coat.

So whichever story wins the vote, and I love all of them, please join us. If you like me, wish to relive old times fantastic. If this is your first jaunt into Fifth Doctor territory and as the Doctor would say to one of his companions " brave heart Tegan"

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