Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Product Review: Poseable Action Set - Peri and Sharaz Jek From Caves of Androzani

As reviewed by Ditsy_companion

For this weeks review I would love to do a review on my favorite companion of the Doctor's from the classic series, Peri Brown as played by Nicola Bryant.

The cover of the package is very strong and the product is clearly visible. The words are clear, the colours are bright and the picture of the Fifth Doctor is nice and respectable.

The warnings are visible and it clearly states 5+.  The back of the packaging is also very well put together and the pictures are well done too.

The Dolls are both very well put together and the colours are fairly accurate to the original characters in the programme. So all in a good buy and if you are a fan of Peri or the Fifth Doctor story then get this one.

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